ItemItem #:Price
Pre-owned Alfermann 34" CT3 (Briley), Stock Lock System + Original Stock, CaseALF-270SALE 5000.00
Pre-owned Beretta 682 Gold Graystone Sporting 12 ga. 30" CT4, 13" l.o.p., Case682-630902000.00
Pre-owned Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I Trap Single 34" CT2, RELEASE TRIGGER686-793742200.00
Pre-owned Beretta 687EELL Sporting 12 ga. 32" CT4, Case687-03714SALE 5600.00
Pre-owned Beretta 692 Skeet 12 ga. 30" CT5 + Briley 20 ga and 28 ga Companions692-099114400.00
Pre-owned Beretta A400 Xcel BLACK Sporting 12 ga. 30" CT3, Case400-1865011700.00
Pre-owned Beretta A400 Xcel Sporting Black Kick-Off 12 ga. 30" CT3, Case400-2412421750.00
Pre-owned Beretta AL391 Urika Trap 30" CT8 (Optima), Custom DeVault Lam Stock+391-2849722000.00
Pre-owned Beretta DT-10 Trap Combo 30/34 with Leo Harrison's original Stock LockDT10-0132SALE 6500.00
Pre-owned Beretta DT-10 Trap Top Single 32" CT5, CaseDT10-33704300.00
Pre-owned Beretta SO5 EELL 12 ga. 28" CT7 (Briley), English, 15" l.o.p., CaseSO5-37620SALE 15000.00
Pre-owned Blaser F3 Trap Combo 32/34 CT13, Stock Lock System , CaseF3-01695315700.00
Pre-owned Browning A-Bolt II Composite .308 22", BoxABOLT-85196450.00
Pre-owned Browning BPS Micro Trap 28" CT1, Adj. LOPBPS-09023600.00
Pre-owned Browning BT-99 Trap Single 32" Mod, Adjustable Comb and ButtBT99-178291200.00
Pre-owned Browning Citori 425 Grade VI .410 30" CT4, BoxCIT-048304900.00
Pre-owned Browning Citori 725 Trap 12 ga. 30" CT3, Box, AS NEWCIT-017512650.00
Pre-owned Browning Citori CXT White 12 ga. 30" CT3, BoxCIT-118022000.00
Pre-owned Browning Cynergy CX Target 12 ga. 32" CT3, BoxCYN-036951500.00
Pre-owned Browning Lightweight Double Auto Aluminum Gray 12 ga. 28" ModLT-84281995.00
Pre-owned Browning Maxus Wicked Wing MOSGH 3.5" 12 ga. 28" CT3, Box, Same as newMAX-057591400.00
Pre-owned Browning Superposed Lightning 20 ga. 28" Mod/FullSUP-39871995.00
Pre-owned Caesar Guerini Maxum Trap Unsingle 12 ga. 34", Caesar Soft Comb + OrigMAX-4004237900.00
Pre-owned Caesar Guerini Summit Ascent o/u 12 ga. 32" CT6, Briley sub-ga SetSUM-1568045200.00
Pre-owned Caesar Guerini Summit Sporting 28 ga. 32" CT6, Adjustable Comb, CaseSUM-1453694000.00
Pre-owned Caesar Guerini Summit Trap Combo LEFTHAND 32" & 34" CT5, CaseSUM-1340327000.00
Pre-owned Caesar Guerini Summit Trap O/U 30" CT5, STOCK LOCK SYSTEM, CaseSUM-117365SALE 5750.00
Pre-owned Caesar Guerini Summit Trap Top Single Combo 32" & 34" CT5, CaseSUM-1538857100.00
Pre-owned Caesar Guerini Summit Trap Unsingle 34"CT4, Stock Lock System + OrigSUM-4007026500.00
Pre-owned Caesar Guerini Summit Trap Unsingle Combo 32" & 34" CT5, R.A.D., CaseSUM-161214SALE 6995.00
Pre-owned Caesar Guerini Tempio Field 12 ga. 30" CT2, Case, 14 1/4" lopTEM-1163693500.00
Pre-owned extra barrel for Blaser F3 Sporting .410 30" CT5, weightsBBL-0184003500.00
Pre-owned extra barrel for Krieghoff K-32 Skeet O/U 12 ga. 28" SK/SKBBL-2321500.00
Pre-owned extra barrel for Krieghoff K-80 Parcours o/u 12 ga. 26" CT7 (Briley)BBL-224582800.00
Pre-owned extra barrel for Krieghoff K-80 Step Tapered O/U 12 ga. 30"CT6 +BrileyBBL-207214200.00
Pre-owned extra barrel for Krieghoff K-80 Trap Special Top Single 34" CT0BBL-064274800.00
Pre-owned extra barrel for Krieghoff K-80 Trap Special Unsingle Pro Rib 34" CT3BBL-304564800.00
Pre-owned extra barrel for Krieghoff K-80 Trap Spl O/U 32" CT5BBL-072304100.00
Pre-owned extra barrel for Krieghoff K-80 Trap Spl O/U 32" M/IM (Wilkinson)BBL-13024000.00
Pre-owned extra barrel for Perazzi MX10RS O/U 32" CT4 (Eyster Barrel Work)BBL-1158203500.00
Pre-owned extra barrel for Perazzi MX10RS O/U 34"M/IM (Wilkinson), Pro-port PigBBL-130719SALE 4000.00
Pre-owned extra barrel for Perazzi MX2000 Uns 34" CT1, Wilkinson choke/conversiBBL-1277983900.00
Pre-owned extra barrel for Perazzi MX8 O/U 12 ga. 28.5" CT5 + Forearm (Type 4)BBL-354124000.00
Pre-owned extra barrel for Silver Seitz #2 Mid Rib 35" Full, PortedBBL-109ASALE 1600.00
Pre-owned extra barrel for Silver Seitz #2.5 Standard Rib 34" CT3BBL-1011TASALE 2400.00
Pre-owned extra barrel for Silver Seitz 34" CT7, #1 Adjustable RibBBL-8422600.00
Pre-owned extra barrel for Silver Seitz 34" Full, #2 Rib, PortedBBL-135SALE 1800.00
Pre-owned extra trigger Beretta 391 Xtrema PullTRIGG-BER150.00
Pre-owned extra trigger for Krieghoff K-80RT DOUBLE RELEASETRIGG-3021700.00
Pre-owned Fabarm Elos N2 All Sport XL Trap Unsingle 34" CT3, CaseELOS-101872600.00
Pre-owned Franchi 48 20 ga. 28" Lyman Adjustable Choke48-12744600.00
Pre-owned Krieghoff 32 San Remo o/u 12 ga. 32" IM/F (Eyster), DOUBLE RELEASE32-35667000.00
Pre-owned Krieghoff K-32 Skeet 4-barrel set 12/20/28/.410 28", Nasco Case32-10135SALE 6995.00
Pre-owned Krieghoff K-80 Classic Trap Combo 30"CT5 (Briley) & 34"F, CaseK80-1127548000.00
Pre-owned Krieghoff K-80 Lightweight Sporting 12/30" + Kolar sub-ga set, CaseK80-24732SALE 7500.00
Pre-owned Krieghoff K-80 Trap Combo 30"CT10 & 34"F, DOUBLE RELEASE TRIGGERK80-207217995.00
Pre-owned Krieghoff K-80 Trap Combo 32"CT2 & 34"LF, DOUBLE RELEASE TRIGGERK80-267826995.00
Pre-owned Krieghoff K-80 Trap Combo 32"M/F & 34"IM, DOUBLE RELEASE TRIGGERK80-225356995.00
Pre-owned Krieghoff K-80 Trap Special Plantation Engraving Unsingle 34" CT5K80-081288SALE 16900.00
Pre-owned Krieghoff K-80RT Trap Combo 32"M/IM & 34"F, DOUBLE RELEASE, R.A.D.K80-223026995.00
Pre-owned Krieghoff KX-6 Special Engraved LEFTHAND 34" CT3, CaseKX6-1330128000.00
Pre-owned Ljutic LTX 2-barrel Set 33"Full & 33"CT4, Air Cyl Recoil SystemLJUT-1775200.00
Pre-owned Marlin M-410 Lever .410 26" Full410-926SALE 2700.00
Pre-owned NCP Products Mach I Trap 33" CT1, was Dennis DeVaults personal gunMACH-2SALE 3200.00
Pre-owned Perazzi MX2005 Short Rib Trap Combo 32"LF/F & 34"XF, DOUBLE RELEASEMX2005-150546SALE 14000.00
Pre-owned Remington 11-87 "D" Grade 12 ga 28" CT31187-3421372900.00
Pre-owned Remington 1100 12 ga. 30" Full1100-382758750.00
Pre-owned Remington 1100 Sporting 28 ga. 25" CT11100-2652592000.00
Pre-owned Remington 31 TC Trap 12 ga. 30" Full, Straight Stock31-108705SALE 1000.00
Pre-owned Remington 3200 Competition 12 ga. 30"CT4 + Briley 20/28/410 tube set3200-410304700.00
Pre-owned Remington 3200 Special Trap o/u 12 ga. 30" M/F, Adjustable Comb3200-32909SALE 1895.00
Pre-owned Remington Model 4 Rolling Block .32 Rimfire Octagon + Ammo:REM4850.00
Pre-owned Rizzini Artemis Lite 12 ga. 30" CT12, 3" Chamber, CaseRIZZ-969433395.00
Pre-owned Rottweil 720 Skeet o/u 12 ga. 27" SK/SKROTT-72254SALE 1750.00
Pre-owned Rottweil Trap Montreal 12 ga. 30" F/XF, Removeable Trigger, Adj LOPROTT-73570SALE 2200.00
Pre-owned Silver Seitz #1 Adj. Rib 34" Full, Pull and Release Triggers, CaseSEITZ-32211000.00
Pre-owned Silver Seitz #2 Mid Rib (80/20 poi) 34" Full, Stock Lock System, CaseSEITZ-2968500.00
Pre-owned SKB 85TSS Trap Combo 32" & 34" CT10, Recoil System85TSS-156712900.00
Pre-owned Traditions Lightning Mag Inline Cap Muzzleloader .50TRAD-413053185250.00
Pre-owned TriStar Bristol SxS 20 ga. 28" CT5TRI-2000139850.00
Pre-owned Winchester 94 Wrangler .32 Win, Box94-50925791500.00
Pre-owned Winchester M12 "Y" 30" Full, New in Box, Never Put TogetherM12-20262644000.00
Pre-owned Winchester M12 "Y" Pigeon A1 Engraved 30" Full, BoxM12-20271025000.00
Pre-owned Winchester M12 12 ga. 30" FullM12-509120700.00
Pre-owned Winchester M12 12 ga. 30" Full, 2-pinM12-15319081575.00
Pre-owned Winchester M12 2-pin 30" Full (.039)M12-15961781500.00
Pre-owned Winchester M12 2-pin Gold Inlays, B-Carved 30" IM (.025)M12-12171613000.00
Pre-owned Winchester M12 Build-up 12 ga. 30" Mod, Simmons Rib, No CheckeringM12-678022900.00
Pre-owned Winchester M21 12 ga. 26" Side Plates, 18 Gold Inlays/Gold Wire Border21-10369SALE 17000.00
Pre-owned Winchester SX3 Sporting 12 ga. 30" CT4, CaseSX3-044641400.00