Ljutic -- "Shotguns to Last a Lifetime." Ljutic Industries is a United States manufacturer (Yakima, WA) that machines all the parts that go into their shotguns from solid steel stock. They are a family business (three members being shooting Hall-of-Famers) and have been at the forefront of firearms manufacturing for more than 60 years.

ItemItem #:Price
Pre-owned extra trigger Ljutic Mono ReleaseTRIGG-45600.00
Pre-owned Ljutic 73 LEFTHAND 34" IM (.029), Adj. Comb/ButtLJUT-10652100.00
Pre-owned Ljutic Dynokic converted to Centennial Pro 33" CT3, Adj. Comb, RADLJUT-190SALE 4450.00
Pre-owned Ljutic LTX 33" Full, Adj. Comb/Butt, CaseLJUT-1612795.00
Pre-owned Ljutic LTX 34" CT1, Adj. Comb/LOPLJUT-643995.00
Pre-owned Ljutic Mono 34" Full (.036), Adj. Comb, Ported, RELEASE TRIGGERLJUT-3289SALE 3600.00
Pre-owned Ljutic Mono 34" Full, Ported, Adj. Comb/Butt, Gold Titanium Plated, CSLJUT-26152500.00
Pre-owned Ljutic Mono Olympic Rib 33" IM, Adj. Comb, Soft Kick Recoil SystemLJUT-2239SALE 2995.00
Pre-owned Ljutic Mono Olympic Rib LEFTHAND 33" CT1, Adj. CombLJUT-21633500.00
Pre-owned Ljutic Mono One-Touch 34" CT2, Adj. Rib, RELEASE TRIGGER, CaseLJUT-3860SALE 5595.00
Pre-owned Ljutic Mono One-Touch Adjustable Rib 34" CT3, CaseLJUT-38625700.00
Pre-owned Ljutic Mono Set 34" Full & 34" LIM, Ported, CaseLJUT-22323595.00
Pre-owned Ljutic Stainless Mono 34" CT3, Stock Lock System (13.5" lop), CaseLJUT-2967495.00