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November 2015

We will be CLOSED November 26 and 27--Happy Thanksgiving!

October 2015

Great Christmas gift idea: we now have EMPTY Winchester AA Commemorative Wood Boxes for $20 each. And, still have some with the ammo for $99.

Alliant powders just arrived; we have 8# cans of Green Dot and Clay Dot.

The new Benelli o/u has arrived. Stop by and see it before it's gone.

Calendars for 2016 are in--ask for one next time you stop in.

September 2015

Longshot and Lil Gun are available in all sizes. Have American Select, Extra-lite, Super-Field, Super-Handicap and TiteGroup in 8# cans. Have Red Dot and Green Dot in 1# cans only.

August 2015

Recent powder arrivals: 20/28, 2400, American Select, Blue Dot, Extra-lite, Herco, CFE Pistol, and H335.

July 2015

We pack up all the guns July 30 and hit the road, so the guns won't be back on the racks in Massillon until August 24. Or, come see them at The Grand or the Cardinal Classic. Also, remember we are CLOSED August 3-16.

Win a Blaser rifle and trip to Germany in their essay contest. Click Here to enter. Deadline is September 1.

Recent powder arrivals: CFE223, H1000, H110, 3031, 4350, AutoComp and Super-Handicap.

Kegs of Promo and e3 are now in stock. Other powders available in varying sizes: 20/28, AR Comp, Bullseye, Reloder series, Unique, BLC2, H4198, HS-6, Lil Gun, Longshot, 4350, 4831, 296, and Super-Field.

June 2015

We will be CLOSED July 3.

Guns are being packed on June 18 for the Ohio State Shoot, so do not visit our Massillon location for a gun until June 29, or see us at Cardinal Center June 22-28.

Lil Gun in 4# and 8# and a small amount of 4# Longshot is now available. Kent ammo is now in stock.

May 2015

Guns are being packed on May 21 and 22 for the Buckeye Classic, so do not visit our Massillon location for a gun until June 1, or see us at Cardinal Center May 26-31.

The following powders are available: Power Pistol, Reloder 15, 800X, BLC2, H335, H380, H414, HS6, Trail Boss, 3031, 4320, 4350, 4451, 4895, 296, and Super-Field.


CCI 209 and 209M shotgun primers have finally arrived. They are $26 per 1,000 or $125 per case.

April 2015

We now have Remington 209 primers in stock. They are $41 per 1,000 or $200 per case. Also, Power Pistol 4 lb. and most of the Reloder series are available.

The following powders are available: Reloder 15, 700X, 800X, H414, 4198, 4320, 748, and Super-Field.

March 2015

Winchester AA Commemorative Wood Boxes are now available. Limited Edition, so reserve now.

Recent powder arrivals: 700X is in stock in the 4# and 1# cans.

SKB's Century single barrel guns are now available in 34" AND their 90TSS has arrived in the new TRAP COMBO. Click here to see these new arrivals.

Fabarm has a new version of their Axis guns coming this year, so check out the close-out pricing on their old models.

Recent powder arrivals: IMR 3031, 4166, 4350, 4895, and Winchester 296.

February 2015

Some of the Alliant powders arrived: AR Comp in 1 and 8; Clay Dot, e3, and Extralite in 8s; Power Pistol in 1 and 4; and a very good variety of the Reloder series in 1s and 5s. Won't last long--call to reserve. Limit one keg per person.

January 2015

We have a few kegs of HP38 powder in stock. Call to reserve one.

December 2014

We are CLOSED Dec 24 thru Jan 4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Finally received FEDERAL 209A PRIMERS.

More powder arrivals: CFE223 1#, CFE Pistol 1#, H322 1# and 8#, H335 8#, H4350 1#, Longshot 1#, Varget 1# and 8#, Super-Field 1#, 4#, 8#, and Super-Handicap 1#.

November 2014

We will be closed November 27 and 28. Happy Thanksgiving.

Our consignment policy: Dawson Enterprises will retain, as commission, 10% of the selling price (minimum $50 per item). It is required that the consignment item(s) remain available for sale at Dawson's for a minimum of 90 days. If an item is removed before 90 days, there will be a $50 service charge. To remove your firearm, a government-issued photo ID and completed 4473 background check is required. If you are long distance and wish to have your consignment gun returned, you must provide an FFL for us to ship to.



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