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March 2017

We are no longer stocking Benelli and Franchi shotguns, so click here to see fantastic close-out pricing, while quantities last.

February 2017

Finally received Federal 150 large pistol primers; $27/1,000 or $130/5,000.

January 2017

Most of the new IMR powders have arrived: we have Red, Green, Blue, Target, and CFE Black.

SPECIAL AMMO SALE -- Estate Cartridge by Nobel. $49 per case; $48 each for 10+; $47 each for 100+. We have 2 3/4 dram 1 1/8 oz #7 1/2, #8, or #9; 3 dr 1 oz #8, or 3 dram 1 1/8 oz #7 1/2 or #8.

Alliant powder finally arrived, but they did not send everything, so call first to check inventory. We did receive kegs of Bullseye, Red Dot, Green Dot, and Clay Dot. But, Unique came in 1 lb cans only.

December 2016

Well, we finally hit the Clays JACKPOT, and have plenty of kegs in stock -- no limit. Buy 4 or more for discounted price of $119 each. Also received H4350 in 8# (limit of 2).

Winchester WSP small pistol primers are now in stock.

The new Federal Gold Medal GRAND shotgun ammo has arrived in Light 8s. This is a white hull with 2-piece wad. More specs arriving soon. $75 per case.

We will be CLOSED December 24 thru January 1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

November 2016

Varget is now available in both 1# and 8# cans. Still out of all H4350 until at least mid-Dec.

October 2016

Another WINCHESTER AMMO REBATE for purchases made Nov 18-28.

H4350 has arrived in 8# and 1# cans.

Calendars for 2017 are in--ask for one next time you stop in.

September 2016

Hodgdon Clays series powder update: plenty of International so no limit; Clays is limit of 1; Universal is limit of 2.

August 2016

Estate 20 ga. ammo now available.

July 2016

All three Clays powders now in stock. Limit 2 on Clays and Universal; limit 1 on International. Also now have CCI small pistol primers.

All shotguns will be packed on July 29 and will be unavailable in Massillon from July 29 thru Aug 21. Additionally, Dawson's will be completely closed in Massillon from Aug 1 thru 14.

June 2016

Ample 700X powder now in stock in all sizes; plenty of WSP primers also just arrived.

Finally--Fed 209 primers are in stock, $27 per 1,000 or $130 per case.

We have plenty of 20/28, e3, Extra-lite, Lil Gun, HP38, Titewad, Red Dot, Green Dot, and Clay Dot in stock.

WINCHESTER SHOTGUN AMMO REBATE in effect until mid August!!

May 2016

Note: The shotguns will be unavailable in Massillon June 17-26. But, they will be available at our vendor building at Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, OH, June 21-26; please visit us there.

April 2016

Kegs of Red Dot, Green Dot, and Clay Dot are in stock.

New arrivals: Clays and Universal Clays in 4# cans and Bullseye in 8# cans. Estate Ammo by Nobel Sport at $54 per case for 2 3/4 dr 1 1/8 oz #7 1/2 or #8.

March 2016

Winchester Super-Target powder is now in stock in 1#, 4#, and 8# containers.

The new Browning Performance Target BPT shotgun ammo has arrived in all three of the 12 ga. specs. 16 ga and 20 ga arriving soon. Stop by and try some--only $77 per case.

February 2016

Now have Varget in 1# and 8# cans.

Franchi's new 28 ga and .410 have arrived in the Instinct model. Stop and see this great o/u that's only $1,400

Just received 8# cans of Red Dot, Green Dot, and Clay Dot. Limit one per person.

Finally have ALL of Winchester's shotgun wads in stock.



Our consignment policy: Dawson Enterprises will retain, as commission, 10% of the selling price (minimum $50 per item). It is required that the consignment item(s) remain available for sale at Dawson's for a minimum of 90 days. If an item is removed before 90 days, there will be a $50 service charge. To remove your firearm, a government-issued photo ID and completed 4473 background check is required. If you are long distance and wish to have your consignment gun returned, you must provide an FFL for us to ship to.



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